Immaculate Standards:
Security that listens and performs.

Common sense ain’t so common
— Roy Byrd

Sure, there are a lot of other security companies out there and maybe you've grown accustomed to the inefficient service that it brings. Only at Armstrong, do we combine technology, discipline and heart to make sure that our business with you is smooth, efficient, and of the highest standards. 
Because, hey, getting security should be easy and having it should be easier, right?
So, before you leave your security to the other guys, ask yourself whether or not they can offer you:

Daily Reports by E-mail

Efficient on-time service

Communication Radios

Patrol Car with lights

Company client references furnished with telephone numbers, upon request

Billing generated by e-mail

No-cost Overtime

Hand picked Officers, held to highest standard

Contract and No-Contract security services

Officers dressed to your specifications

24/7 Support

We thought not.
..Oh, and did I mention, insurance?

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