How Armstrong Is Securing the 21st Century:
Expect the Worst? Hire the Best

Discipline is the soul of an army. It makes small numbers formidable; procures success to the weak and esteem to all.
— George Washington

Armstrong believes that you should hire the best if you're expecting the worst.

Feel safe knowing that the guard you have on duty has had prior law enforcement, security, and military backgrounds prior to joining our company. Many of our members have been or are currently serving in the Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force or local police and sheriff departments and carry the traditions and honor from those branches into our company with cohesiveness and professionalism.

In our pursuit to be the best, we at Armstrong know the importance of keeping our guards sharp and ready for the battle, so that's why we schedule yearly training for all guards to ensure their maximum readiness to any post or detail. We don't stop there though, we offer health insurance and benefits to our guards in order for them to be in top condition when arriving on your post and to have a selection of guards ready to meet your needs.

Not to mention, Officers are intensely watched by Armstrong's upper management to insure that no guard is lacking and police and deputy sheriffs can be requested upon availability.  

Isn't it nice to know your security company is policing it's own?

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